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One Day National Seminar on GST REFORMS IN INDIA-IT’S IMPACT- 17-02-2018      - Click for Registration        Uploaded College Data in NIRF Tab. 

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National Seminar on GST REFORMS IN INDIA-IT’S IMPACT - 17-02-2018

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 Mr.Suresh Babu I BZC of SJGC, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa on 25 Dec 2017 at 9:30 AM.



I Semester Results  

III Semester Results 

V Semester Results 

IQAC Committee

Chairperson: Dr. S. Abdul Khader, Principal.

Coordinator: Dr. S.A. Khader, Lecturer in English.


A)     From the Administration:

  1. Sri. K. Mahabub Basha, Lecturer. in Commerce & Controller of Exams.
  2. Sri. G.Ranganatha, NAAC Coordinator.
  3. Sri. C. Siva Reddy, Deputy Warden.
  4. Sri. L.Pullaiah, Physical Director.
  5. Smt. S. Propullatha Kumari, Librarian.
  6. Sri D.V. Ramana Office Superintend.

B)      From Teaching Faculty:

  1. Dr. A. Gnana Joseph, Lecturer. in English.
  2. Dr. B. Devika Rani, Lecturer in Maths.
  3. Dr. N.A. Johnson Saturn, Lecturer in Botany.
  4. Sri. V.Venkat anarasaiah, Lecturer in Political Science.

C)      From the University:

  1. Prof. D. Punyaseshudu, R.U Kurnool, Alumnous.

D)     From the Society

  1. Sri. Chandrasekhar Kalkura, President, GLF, Kurnool.
  2. Sri. I. Vijaya Kumar Reddy, Business.

E)      From the Students

  1. Mathematical Stream- Mr. R.Vinod Kumar Reddy - III MPCS.
  2. Biology Stream- Mr. V. Rajasekhar - III BMC.
  3. Humanities Stream - Mr. S. Rambabu- III B.A. (H.E.P).

Commerce Stream – Mr. N. Praveen Naik.


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