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One Day National Seminar on GST REFORMS IN INDIA-IT’S IMPACT- 17-02-2018      - Click for Registration        Uploaded College Data in NIRF Tab. 

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National Seminar on GST REFORMS IN INDIA-IT’S IMPACT - 17-02-2018

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 Mr.Suresh Babu I BZC of SJGC, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa on 25 Dec 2017 at 9:30 AM.



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JKC  General Lab

JKC General Lab50 Thin Client were  Connected to 2 Dell Servers with Operating System  Server 2003.

In this General Lab is Connected with 2 Servers, each Server is connected with 25  HP Thin Client with an internet Facilities .

The Operating sytem used in the Server are XP Server 2003 with 4GB of RAM each.


1 Renovation of Rooms:   -
  Min. Plinth area: 1000 SFT  
  Modernization to covert the rooms into computer   
  lab(Cubicles) 50 seat capacity   
2 IT Hardware:  
  Servers ( High end configuration Servers) Make: DELL 2
  ( A multi national company)  
3 IT Hardware:  
  Thin Clients   50
  Make: VXL ( I Phase JKC Labs)  
   Make: Gigabyte ( II Phase JKC Labs)  
4 IT Software:  Microsoft software  products 
  Microsoft Campus agreement:  for all systems in the
  Bundle of Microsoft Products: College  ( 2011-2014)
  1.MS Windows 2003 Server Unlimited number of licenses 
  2.MS XP professional & MS Office  
  3.MS Visual Studio Dot Net  
  4.MS SQL Server  
5 Networking Components to connect all the 50 Clients with two Servers:   
  1.Network Switches (Three)  
  2.LAN Points ( 55)   
  3.LAN Cabling  
  4.Surface Mounts Boxes (55)  
  5.12 U Box for Switches   
  6.RJ 45 Connectors (55)  
  7.Patch Cords ( 1Mts)   
  8.Patch cords (2 Mts)   
6 DLP Projector   1
  Make: DELL    
 7 UPS 10 KVA with 2 Hrs Backup  
  Make: APC ( I Phase JKC Labs)  1
  Make: Numeric ( II Phase JKC Labs)   
8 Computer System  with High configuration Make:DELL  1
9 HP Scanner   1
10 Samsung Printer   1


 In this General Lab JKC Students are given Training on Following Concepts

  1. Computer Fundamentals 

  2. MS-Office.

    • MS-Word
    • MS-Excel
    • MS-PowerPoint
    • MS-Access
  3. Internet.

    • Browsers
    • Types of Networks
    • Email
    • Social Networks
  4. Usage of Printer & Scanner
  5. Project Work

Photo Gallery of General Lab :





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