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One Day National Seminar on GST REFORMS IN INDIA-IT’S IMPACT- 17-02-2018      - Click for Registration        Uploaded College Data in NIRF Tab. 

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National Seminar on GST REFORMS IN INDIA-IT’S IMPACT - 17-02-2018

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 Mr.Suresh Babu I BZC of SJGC, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa on 25 Dec 2017 at 9:30 AM.



I Semester Results  

III Semester Results 

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     Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is not about numbers,equations,computations or algorithms its about UNDERSTANDING


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I. Vision &Mission :

To build a rich intellectual potential embedded with inter-disciplinary knowledge, human values and professional  ethics among the youth, aspirant  becoming engineers, technologists,  so that they  contribute to society and  create a niche for a successful care.

II. Objective :

To provide high quality, academically rigorous programmes 

To provide Mathematics Lab.   

 III. Courses Offered : B.S.C ( Mathematics)  

UG – Conventional: MPC
UG – Restructured:    MPCS,    MPIC,     MPW
 ( MPW-Maths,Physics, Web Technology -NEWLY INTRODUCED COURSE FROM 2017-18 )

 IV. Faculty Profile: 

Staff Profiles

Dr. C.T Suryanarayanachari


M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. 

T.Chandra Sekhar

Lecturer in Mathematics

M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,

Dr. B. Devika Rani.

Lecturer in Mathematics

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D, PGDCSA

  V. Syllabus:

I year

I Semester




II Semester

II year

III Semester

IV Semester

III year

V Semester

VI Semester Clusters


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 VI.   Guest Lectures :

VII.  District or State Level Workshop/ Seminars/ Conferences/ Meetings

VIII.Staff Achievements :

   IX. Student Achievements:

    X. Student Seminars :

    XI.Best Practices :

   XII. Model Question papers :

XIII. Additional Reading Materials

 XIV.  Web Resources :

XV.  Career Opportunities 

XVI.  Staff additional Administrative work

XVII. P.G Entrance / Bank Coaching / Group-II/ Any Job material.

XVIII. Gallery






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